If you’re looking for seo companies in your area, you already have a leg up on many business owners who don’t see the value. Locating local businesses “near me” is the fastest growing segment of searches and is expected to continue to grow as outdated models like Yellow Pages are replaced by mobile search

Fortunately for you, that means there is less competition for those coveted top spots!

Unfortunately the days of just throwing low quality backlinks at a site to get it ranked are over. But if everybody could do it, everybody would be doing it.

In the search engine game, there are only a few positions that matter. The local “box” where typically 3 companies are listed, and the top 1-3 positions for the natural search rankings. Any conversation otherwise is just conversation and it won’t bring you any business. So when a company promises to get you on the “first page” or says they can get you “ranked” using your own company name, walk away. They’re just wasting your time and you will never realize the flow of traffic to your site that will bring you any real business.

We started ranking sites in 1997 and quickly learned two things:

  • “If you’re not first, you’re last” (Trademark, Reese Bobby). Well, actually if you’re lower then 3rd, you might as well be last.
  • People need to find you when they are looking for a specific solution. In other words, when somebody searches Google for “HVAC repair Johnson City”, if you own a local hvac repair company, you want to be there at the top of that search.

So that’s been our approach to search engine work ever since. The seo game has changed tremendously over the years but that’s not something you need to worry about.

If you’re ready to get your business ranked where all the real business is happening, give us a call. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our services are and how much proper seo can help your business grow.

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