Our typical direct mail is a targeted mailer where the cost is shared between various business, typically but not always with exclusivity for each type of business (only one insurance agent, only one Italian restaurant, etc). If exclusivity is important to you, please let us know when you sign up.


Below are maps that represent a direct mail for new movers to your areas in the 37601 and 37604 zip codes. Average mail out runs between 200 and 250 homes every month. If necessary, we will fill also use new home owners to complete a run.

Here is the current months 37601 mail map



Here is the 37604 map


While we change up the color and graphics on occasion for seasonality, etc., this represents the front and back of our basic shared mailer. (This is a mockup and doesn’t represent any current business advertisement).



There are 2 zip codes available. Just select the zip (or zips) you want and sign up. We will get in touch to complete your ad/offer. If you need changes to your offer in a later month, just give us a call.

We can offer this at a very low cost to you by agreeing to a 12 month arrangement. This is automated billing. You can cancel any time but if we are within 2 weeks of the next mailing, your cancellation will occur after that mailing.


New Movers Mail
Your Name, Biz Name, and Phone

If you prefer to go month to month (based on availability), the price is $99 per month or $129 for both zips. Just give us a call at (423) 218-9789 and we will arrange payment and take your offer information over the phone.

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